Scientific Facts aboutCold Press Coffee – Is It Better than regular Coffee?

If like cold brew coffee,you perhaps know that the extraction is completely different than the traditional techniques. When it comes to water temperature, you are only looking for “room temperature.”

Cold brew is brewed by submerging medium-to-coarse coffee beans in room temperature water or even colder. Because the preparation water is very cold we ideally want to soak for over 12 hours. At the end of the soaking procedure we then filter out the coffee grounds for a clear cup. Compared to regular joe, cold brew coffee is never exposed to high temperatures.

There is some confusion about cold brew versus iced coffee. While they are both served chilled,there is a great distinction between them.
Iced coffee is any sort of coffee beverage that was cooled and is served with ice. In order to prepare an iced coffee, you can use hot brew or cold, or even espresso, if you want. The most important is to chill the coffee beverage.

On the other hand, cold brew is a coffee drink that was never boiled during the course of preparation. This is what makes it distinct and it gives its special properties. We can drink cold brew at room temperature,or cooled with ice cubes.

The most common preparation method is immersion cold brew which is employed home and commercial preparation. This is the easiest option and the most convenient.
Another method is Dutch cold brew, which is also called cold drip and involves dripping ice cubes over a bed of ground coffee, in the same manner to manual drip coffee techniques.

Something to remember is that coffee brewed at room temperature is somewhat different from the one prepared in the fridge and this will create a distinction in how much flavor you get in your coffee and how fast it will be ready. You need to fine-tune your brew times as necessary (10-16 hours at room temperature; 16-24 hours refrigerated).

The extraction in cold water changes the composition of the cold brew coffee, and we get in turn a cup of joe that is a totally different beverage from your regular drip coffee, or espresso.
This specific distinction became the topic of a heated discussion over the health benefits of the cold brew coffee. cold brew coffee proponents claim it is better for you than your typical hot brewed joe. Here is a list of the proposed health benefits of cold brew:

  • Smooth flavour, much lower acidity.
  • Better caffeine absorption.
  • It’s more mellow .
  • Stomach-friendly compared to hot brewed coffee.
  • Better antioxidant.

The hot dialogue was taken into the research field where two scientists revealed the truth supporting the cold brew marketing hype.

This is how the investigators at the University Thomas Jefferson, have taken up the job to shed some light on the subject matter. The investigation has revealed a few remarkable aspects which are greatly presented in this [dcl=7189].

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